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Faculty Interest Group on Teaching Reading:
“Does Reading Matter?: Purposes and Possibilities for Reading in College.”

Concerned about the quality of your students’ reading?

In addition to the more immersive seminars running during the semester, we will be continuing the conversation in our FITR Faculty Interest Group (FIG).

This FIG, organized by Emral Devany, Biology, for the Faculty Initiative on Teaching Reading (FITR), will explore the challenges we’ve all experienced in trying to get students to read, and read well, in our classes. In this FIG, we will read scholarship on the teaching of reading across the disciplines and explore the role and application of digital tools in cultivating deep reading practices.

Reading Matters

Readings for the FIG will be selected based on FITR’s upcoming symposium and the collaborative seminar texts.

Stay up to date on what we’ll be talking about in the Does Reading Matter? FIG at our KBCC Does Reading Matter? KCTL Commons Site

FIG Facilitator:

Dr. Emral Devany