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Collaborative Seminar

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FITR Collaborative Seminar

In spring 2019, FITR launched a semester-long collaborative professional development seminar in which fourteen faculty members across eleven disciplines built their capacity to integrate the teaching of reading into their coursework. The collaborative seminar consisted of: five two-hour professional development workshops; monthly readings on reading pedagogy; classroom inter-visitations; and the design and implementation of a project in which faculty experimented with reading strategies.

We are pleased to invite all interested Kingsborough faculty to apply for one of ten openings in the Spring 2023 FITR Collaborative Seminar on the Teaching of Reading. The deadline for applications is Friday, December 23rdTo fill out the brief application, please click here

What FITR collaborative seminar participants said:

I loved the collaboration. It has definitely made me more cognizant of how I view reading in my class.

This was a really important experience for junior faculty to be exposed to at the start of their careers… in some ways, it became a more informal mode of mentoring…

I came into contact with new strategies and tactics for collaborative reading that I utilized throughout the semester in all of my classes.

It was intriguing to meet colleagues from other disciplines who were open to exchanging ideas about reading. I especially liked the intervisitations.

[The seminar] provided me an opportunity to think strategically about increasing the reading skills of my students. I would not have taken on this project on my own… The sessions gave me the opportunity to steal shamelessly.